Greg Dutilly β€” Social Media Entrepreneur β€” Author of "Many Roads" and "How I Went From Failure to Forward."

Currently is being mentored by Nobel Peace Prize nominee and best-selling author Bryant McGill. Greg has spent years transforming his life from a lost and angry street thug into a teacher, motivator and coach. He is a gifted motivator, inspiring others to step out of their comfort zones and into their fears.

Greg's words are shared throughout the world and have reached millions through social media, magazines, best selling books and blogs which include but are not limited to "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life" by Steven Aitcheson

Greg enjoys acting on stage and screen, having appeared on both film and television. He has a soft spot for animals and visiting New Orleans, where he volunteers at "Villalobos," home of "Animal Planet's," "Pitbulls and Parollees."

"In Many Roads, Greg Dutilly shows the power of the human condition, proving that it’s never too late to start a new. Greg is a shining example of not allowing drugs and depression defeat him. This book is for anyone interested in the power of the human spirit but especially for those feeling alone and powerless. Greg is extending his hand forward and gives hope for those walking that same road. His poignant work can help you to follow the path to health, self love and happiness."
β€” Partha Nandi, MD FACP

Greg's core vision is to be of service to young men who have missed the mark by teaching the value of boundaries, self-love, finding and becoming mentors and how to succeed by contributing to a community which includes all living things.

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